SV Pop Warner 2nd Annual Ball Drop

First, and most importantly, THANK YOU for helping our Football and Cheer program this Season! The proceeds collected from this fundraiser will be used to cover the growing costs of youth sports in our community. This includes the costs for our High School field usage, uniform needs, equipment purchases, referee fees, and insurance coverage for our participants.

Each participant is required to sell 5 Golf Balls at $25 each. Once those 5 are sold, each ball sale after that puts $21.25 (85%15%) directly into your son or daughter’s Team account. This has proven, with other Leagues, to generate a very high dollar amount directly for the TEAM’s use, replacing the other piece-by-piece fundraising options.

This simple 5-minute fundraiser keeps in mind that we, as a League, prefer that our participants refrain from going door-to-door to interact with strangers. A simple and quick emailing campaign will ensure that our kids are interacting with friends and family only. This fundraiser allows you to send emails to relatives and friends asking them to support your Team, and Saddleback Valley Pop Warner, with the purchase of a $25 golf ball. For the 2nd year in a row this great fundraiser for SVPW is going to allow the player AND the supporter the opportunity to win great prizes!

We are trying to raise $75,000.00 by Saturday, August 19, 2017

We want each and every participant to know, without a doubt, how proud their League
is of them and their hard work and commitment!! We plan to incorporate MORE ways to show
our appreciation to the boys and girls. Look for more information about cool incentives to
come from our fundraising coordinator.

Aside from helping the League out as a whole ….. Grand Prize:
The supporter who has purchased the winning golf ball
will win $1000.

Level 1 - Prizes will be awarded to the top two (2) OVERALL Golf
Ball sellers in the League (Football or Cheer), over the required minimum of 5.

Level 2 - Prizes will be awarded to the top selling Team (Football or Cheer)
based on their overall selling percentage. This means that a small Cheer Team of less than 10
girls has just as much chance to win as a large Football Team of over 25 players.

Level 3 - Prizes will be awarded to the top selling participant (Football and Cheer
teams combined) per grouped level. Flag & Tiny Mite / Jr. Mitey Mite & Mitey Mite / Jr. Pee Wee &
Pee Wee / Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Prize Level 1 & 2 amounts will be based on a percentage of the profits.
So, the more we all sell, the more a participant or Team can win!

We wish you the best of luck when the golf balls drop!

Zachary Eberling 45
Connor Billings 37
Colin Drawe 27
Giovanni Cesti 25
Anthony Avalos 23
Andy Espineira 21
Shane Sisco 21
Brandyn Mariscal 20
Cash Perry 20
Raymond Perez 20
Sophia Pacheco 20
Jack Dunkel 19
Frankie Masotto 18
Dylan Baha 17
Ethan Brougham 17
Marshall Sinner 15
Maximilian Holtzclaw 15
Cole Vargas 14
Joey Alvear 14
Kaisen Smith 14
Tristan Fiorello 13
Adam Pellini 12
Austin Frye 12
Cash Jackson 12
Hayden Goetz 12
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