SV Pop Warner 1st Annual Ball Drop

THANK YOU for helping our Football and Cheer program this Season! The proceeds collected from this fundraiser will be used to cover the growing costs of youth sports in our community. This includes the costs for our High School field usage, uniform needs, equipment purchases, referee fees, and insurance coverage for our participants.

PLUS - each Golf Ball is a $10 donation towards a chance to win $1000!!

We are trying to raise $75,000.00 by Saturday, August 20, 2016

Click the DONATE button on the right to get started. It’s that easy!

Once the player reaches the mandatory goal of 15 golf balls sold, 80% of each golf ball sold after that point will go directly into his/her TEAM account.

This has proven, with other Leagues, to generate a very high dollar amount directly for the TEAM’s use, replacing the other piece-by-piece fundraising options. The Golf Ball Drop will be held on Opening Day, August 20th, 2016. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be present to win.


Grand Prize: The supporter who has purchased the winning golf ball will win $1000.

Level 1 - Prizes will be awarded to the top two (2) OVERALL Golf Ball sellers in the League (Football or Cheer), over the required minimum of 15.

Level 2 - Prizes will be awarded to the top selling Team (Football or Cheer) based on their overall selling percentage. This means that a small Cheer Team of less than 10 girls has just as much chance to win as a large Football Team of over 25 players.

Level 3 - Prizes will be awarded to the top selling participant (Football and Cheer teams combined) per grouped level. Flag & Tiny Mite / Jr. Mitey Mite & Mitey Mite / Jr. Pee Wee & Pee Wee / Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Prize Level 1 & 2 amounts will be based on a percentage of the profits. So, the more we all sell, the more a participant or Team can win!

We wish you the best of luck when the golf balls drop!

Kylah Bisel 275
Travis Dekel 200
Deacon Soto 178
Aiden Madden 132
Cayden Flick 123
Cash Perry 65
Jacquez Robertson 60
Tyler Wilger 59
Isabella Smith 58
Joaquin Cooke 55
Jackson Hamby 54
Gavin Madrid 50
Grant Wood 49
Maximus Krondak 49
Kaisen Smith 46
Emma Brubaker 45
Alex Aguirre 44
David Vaccaro 44
Macee Chee 44
Jack Dunkel 43
Matthew Schutz 43
Miles Runnels 43
Zion Sims 43
Kyle Krikorian 42
Anthony Avallos 41
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